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Remember the days when your coat and umbrella was enough for you to go out for an afternoon walk? Well, in these modern days the weather is very different from those days of yore.

Today if you took an afternoon walk in Malaysia, chances are high that you will slap on large doses of SPF50 sunscreen, put on your cap, sunglasses and umbrella before you venture out into the hot sunny day.

The biggest reason for this change is the change in our weather. Although Malaysia is a hot tropical country situated very close to the Equator, which means the sun shines every day of the year, the average temperature has gradually risen over the short span of the past 20 years.

Global warming is the name given by scientists for the gradual increase in the temperature of the Earth's surface. This is caused by the excessive build up of carbon dioxide which traps and prevents heat from escaping the Earth's atmosphere. The ozone layer of the atmosphere has also gradually depleted which exposes the Earth's inhabitants to direct harmful UV rays from the sun.

As a result, your skin is at risk from developing skin anomalies or even skin cancer.

Take the right steps to protect yourself and your people.

Just like putting on sunscreen before stepping out of the building, what about being INSIDE the building? The sun's heat waves also affect your windows and outer walls. Thus, similar to the trapped heat in the Earth's atmosphere; heat also builds up inside your building.

Why not reduce the heat externally BEFORE it enters your building?

There are a few ways to turn down the heat.

Putting up curtains or blinds may effectively shield a room from direct sunlight, but may not sufficiently reduce heat.

You may choose to plant a tree to shade a hot window, but that might not work you lived or worked in a skyscraper.

Why not achieve both - shade and cool - by tinting?

Go green!
You can count on Tint TitansTM to provide energy efficient solutions to clients.

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