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Solar Control Film

From our wide range of solar control film or so call tinted films, we can help you to choose the right tints to complement any room, each making a unique fashion statement.


Along with a variety of colors, we also offer variety of light transmission factors.


From inside, you will always have an optically-clear, distortion-free view to the outside, while some of our films can also prevent people from looking in during the daytime.

Safety & Security Film

Safety and Security films help hold the glass (windows/doors) together when it is broken due to any impact, whether it be a burglar (smash and grab attempt), hail, high winds, flying objects or even a bomb blast

Smart Film

Our Smart Film is an intelligent film created by exclusive liquid film technology.


This allows the film to turn on/off from clear to opaque window film, creating a project-able privacy wall.


With this diversity, it is ideal for innovative projects from showrooms, hotels or any space that requires flexibility in privacy to display screen, advertising display and other creative application

Decorative Film

Decorative Film can be ready made or custom made design.


Main purpose is to add on privacy or to make special appearance on glass.



Solar control film or Tinted film not only keep your home cooler, but they can do so much more! Our films block more than 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays, which can damage your skin and your home’s furnishings. Tinted films slow the fading of your furniture and flooring, preserving the investment you’ve made in your home.

Myths :

1) Window Film Causes Seal Failure on insulated windows

2) Window Film Causes Windows to Crack

3) Curtains Are More Effective Than Window Film



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